COAP 3110: Interactive Site Development

Michael Hahsler <>


Course Description

This course provides an introduction to Web site development using Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET. The student will learn how to create and maintain a Web site as well as how to use and manipulate database information over the Web. Visual Studio will be used to design HTML pages and Active Server Pages (ASP using server-side VB-Script) for a real world project. The course is designed for students with advanced knowledge in Web site development who want to apply their skills to a real word project in a team. It involves analysis, design, programming as well as a professional presentation of the project results.

Download the syllabus of COAP 3110
Download presentation slides and other files for COAP 3110


Term Project

2-4 Students form a project team that will be responsible for conducting and finishing a project. The project requires to analyze and implement a Web application which makes use of all techniques learned in the Web development classes (HTML, databases, Flash,...).
The topic of this term's project is to build a Webster Student Portal (detailed requirements).
The documentation has to follow these templates:


  1. Analysis document: November 4 - 12 pm
  2. Design document: November 14 - 12 pm
  3. Final documentation: December 16 - 12 pm
  4. Presentations are on December 18 and 20 during class hours
The deadlines are firm. You will lose the points listed in the syllabus if you fail to deliver the documents in time. All documents have to be submitted by e-mail ( as MS Word or pdf files.


Installing Web Matrix

  1. Install the dotNET Framework, Web Matrix and MSDE.
  2. In order to use the built-in web server as a non-administrator user you have to give every user the rights for the directory "C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\Temporary ASP.NET Files" (use properties as administrator). Also you have to start Web Matix once as administrator and run the built-in Web server. After this you can start developing with you own user id.

Using the DB MSDE

For more information on osql try: osql --help

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