COAP 2120: Data Handling on the Web

Michael Hahsler <>
Vienna, Spring II 2002


Course Description

Students will learn how to prepare information for an Intranet using a variety of business software tools. This will include converting documents from Word, Excel and Access databases into a format that is compatible with the Web, using HTML, XML and Adobe Portable Document Format. Dynamic Web publishing technologies will be introduced, using Microsoft Frontpage, SQL, ODBC and ASP.

Download the Syllabus of COAP 2120

Required Text Book

Jim Buyens: Step by Step Web Database Development, Microsoft Press, Redmond, WA, 2000
ISBN: 0735609667

Additional Resources

Examples used in class.

Additional manuals and tutorials can be found in the Tools & Manuals online library.

Term Project

Each Student is required to analyze and implement a Web application of his choice. This application must consists of Web pages with a connection to a database.
The topic as well as the scope of the application will be discussed in week 3. Progress will be reported weekly.
In week 8 each student has to submit and present the project. It consists of the working Web-based application together with the documentation (use this documentation template).

Course Schedule

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