pix2tn: A simple Thumbnail generator.

pix2tn is a simple perl-script which generates a Web-index with thumbnails for all images you collected in a directory. Each thumbnail has a links to a medium sized version of the image (for fast display over the Web) and to the original version (for download). Have a look at this example

How to Use pix2tn

Just copy pix2tn into the directory with your images (jpgs, gifs) or wherever you have your executable. Start it, and the script will produce a HTML-index (index.html with thumbnails, names, size and date) in your image directory. All thumbnails are stored in a separate sub-directory called tn.

What You Need

Perl5 and convert are normally included in standard Linux distributions (and can be easily installed using Cygwin).

Known Problems

Other Software

Michael Hahsler