EMIS, Lyle School of Eng., SMU

EMIS: Master of Science in Information Engineering and Management (MSIEM)

First Steps

Congratulations for being accepted into the MSIEM program! This page helps you with the first steps.

You advisor is most likely Dr. Michael Hahsler. You can contact him via email at mhahsler@lyle.smu.edu. Please always email first to set up a meeting.

Follow the steps outlined in the guide for new EMIS master's students. It is very important that you submit your degree plan to your advisor in the first semester. Also, do not sign up for classes without discussing it first with the advisor.

MSIEM Courses

You can find all information about courses and requirements in the EMIS section of the school's graduate catalog. Visit my.smu.edu to enroll in courses and to find out at what time and where a course in the current semester is taking place. Note that for the first semester you may have to be enroled by Ms. Janis Jessen from the graduate student office (Caruth Hall level 3).

Core Courses: All the information about the MSIEM program can be found in the graduate catalog. You need to take 7 required core courses. They are typically taken loosely in the order shown in the graduate catalog.

Electives: For the 3 electives you are allowed to take any EMIS, computer science, engineering, or related courses approved by the advisor. An example is the IT Governance and Controls Track in the graduate catalog. Your electives will depend on your interests. Look at the list of courses in the catalog (at the end of the EMIS section) and complete your degree plan with electives that you are interested in and that fit your schedule. Make sure that you satisfy the prerequisites stated in the catalog. Your advisor will inform you if there is a problem with your electives.

Example degree plan starting in Fall:

Fall EMIS 7351, EMIS 7360, EMIS 7353
Spring EMIS 7352, EMIS 8356, EMIS 7357
Summer Elective 1
Fall EMIS 7362, Elective 2, Elective 3

Example degree plan starting in Spring:

Spring EMIS 7352, EMIS 7357, Elective 1
Summer EMIS 7360
Fall EMIS 7362, EMIS 7351, EMIS 7353
Spring EMIS 8356, Elective 2, Elective 3

Look at the EMIS Course Planning Calendar to help you plan the order in which you would like to take the courses.

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