EMIS, Lyle School of Eng., SMU

EMIS 3309 Information Engineering, Spring 2018

Dr. Michael Hahsler

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Course Description

This course places an emphasis on working with data, databases, and performing and interpreting descriptive analytics in the context of contemporary, data-rich decision making environments including various engineering and management applications. The course will introduce the use of databases (database management systems and SQL) and discuss the functions of practical (e.g., corporate or public) data warehouses while placing a strong emphasis on formal methods of descriptive analytics including data preparation, visualization, and interpretation.

Prerequisites: CSE 1341, EMIS 3340/CSE/STAT 4340


  1. Introduction
  2. SQL
  3. The Entity-Relationship Model
  4. Data Exploration
  5. Predictive Modeling

Textbooks [not required]

Labs and Project

Project assignments are available on Canvas.

Code and Data Used in Class


Learning Resources

Michael Hahsler, Engineering Management, Information, and Systems, Lyle School of Engineering, SMU.
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