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Hunter Class Reference

#include <Hunter.h>

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Mobile HunterChecker HunterRandom

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Public Member Functions

 Hunter (const string &name="A player", char decal= 'x')
virtual void makeMove ()=0
int distanceToMonster ()
Coord positionOfMonster ()
void setMonster (Monster *monster)

Detailed Description

A Hunter. Inherit from this class to implement your player class

Member Function Documentation

int Hunter::distanceToMonster ( )

get the distance to the monster in moves. Cost: 1 point.

virtual void Hunter::makeMove ( ) [pure virtual]

Overwrite this function to implement your player's behavior. You can use the public member functions in Mobile and Hunter or in other classes. Remember that you only have 1-5 points per round and move, teleport, getPosition, distanceToMonster and positionOfMonster (some of them are inherited from Mobile) cost points.

Implements Mobile.

Implemented in HunterChecker, and HunterRandom.

Coord Hunter::positionOfMonster ( )

get the position of the monster. Cost: 2 points.

void Hunter::setMonster ( Monster monster) [inline]

this is only used by the game to initialize your "monster scanner" which allows you to use distanceToMonster() and positionOfMonster().

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