Public Member Functions
Gridhunt Class Reference

#include <Gridhunt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Gridhunt (int maxN=30, int maxE=30, int maxRounds=100)
void run (bool visual=true)
void show () const
void leaderBoard () const
void setHunters (vector< Hunter * >)
void setMonster (Monster *)

Detailed Description

Main class of the game.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gridhunt::Gridhunt ( int  maxN = 30,
int  maxE = 30,
int  maxRounds = 100 

Create a game with a grid (default: 30x30) and run the game for a maximum of maxRounds rounds

Member Function Documentation

void Gridhunt::leaderBoard ( ) const

Display current leader borad

void Gridhunt::run ( bool  visual = true)

Run the game. Turn detailed display on/off with visual.

void Gridhunt::show ( ) const

Display Mobile objects on Grid

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