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Current Topics in Information Business:
Pricing Information Goods for Digital Libraries
(Seminar aus Informationswirtschaft 4085)
SS 2003

Instructors: o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Panny
Univ.-Ass. Mag. Dr. Michael Hahsler
Time and Location: Thu 4 to 6pm at the Seminarraum der Abteilung (UZA II / 3.Ebene)

Course Description:

In this class current topics in Information business are investigated by the students. Each student picks a topic provided by the instructor. The instructor provides some literature for the student to start research in the respective area. First results are presented in the middle of the term. At the end of the term the student has to deliver a term paper (following the rules stated on this page) and presents the major findings to the other participants.

Introduction to information goods.


Name / Student IDE-MailTopic
Mayrhofer ManuelManuel.Mayrhofer@wu-wien.ac.at Pricing information goods for digital libraries
Formanko Marianthelucas@directbox.com Versioning information goods in digital libraries
Palos Ilkiko-Versioning Information
Daniel Manafidaniel_manafi@gmx.at Strategies for the digital library of the WU - Focus on Rights Management
Tinter Martinh9307867@miraculix.wu-wien.ac.atRecognizing and Managing Lock-In
Tusek Jasnajasna.tusek@wu-wien.ac.atNetworks and Positive Feedback
Stephan Reisingerh9750518@wu-wien.ac.atCooperation and Compatibility

Topic: Pricing Information Goods for Digital Libraries

In your term paper you have to develop strategies (pricing/versioning/bundling/cooperation) for the digital library of the WU (http://epub.wu-wien.ac.at). This digital library provides full-text access to research documents which are information goods.

The focus of research has to be on the economic aspects of the topic using scientific methods (e.g. Scenario technique using return on investment and total cost of ownership, cost-benefit analysis; qualitative research and quantitative research ). Simply enumerating technical features or products is not sufficient!

Information Resources:

Course Requirements:

Incoming Competencies:

Knowledge of the content of the lectures "Vorlesung Informationsmanagement in Organisationen" I and II. Basic knowledge of scientific work (citations, methods).


Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian: Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy, Havard Business School Press, MA, 1999

Course Schedule:

+ The presentation time is limited to 15 minutes. All participants have to be at the meeting!
* Each student has to submit an abstract (about 2 page), a planed table of contents and a first list of references (at least 5 papers from journals or books).
** The strict deadline for the paper is midnight.
*** All participants have to be at the meeting! Feedback will be provided after the presentation.


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